Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Comrade Zhang demands deregulation in the name of the people!

Once communist China advises Syria that "before we invest in Syria you most open your markets, cut your subsidies, and reduce regulation..." I guess one of the benefits of living in a plutocracy is that ever now and then the plutocrats get the right ideas, though something in me doubts this model is sustainable. And once the people really have control its obvious ho bad things can become. Irony of ironies, I think this will become a trade off between 10% growth under a free market plutocracy or 3% growth under a social democracy.

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Terry said...

Since your comments will get deleted on the other site:

By "sensible argument," I meant that I found your original post hard to follow, because it seemed to be a rant. Granted, the comments section of a blog isn't exactly a minefield of expository excellence. however, I thought less complaint about the deletion of comments, and perhaps less rabid profanity (and spell check...always spell check), would have improved the argument.

But then, posting on a Catholic blog about how you think the Eucharist is a cracker is probably going to get you deleted, which their right, in a sense. As a libertarian, you should believe in property rights (unless they have explicitly stated that their blog comment forum is meant to be an open forum for all views and discussions...in that case, they are being hypocritical).

But, those are my three cents.