Thursday, November 15, 2007

I use only the finest vests for my martyr missions

Yes it is their religion. It is not poverty, not depression, not mental illness, and not the injustices imposed by the West. The wealthier you are, the more likely you are to support terrorism. We've known this for a while but reluctance to seem intolerant and denounce one religion to the exclusion of others makes many silent. To all secular people suffering this malaise... psst: Their all laughably stupid, but they're not all as violent and crazy. Alan Krueger from Princeton synthesizes the data here well enough for me to read it on the bus ride home.

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antcemetary said...

this article isn't saying that it is islam that makes muslim terrorists kill people or suicide is saying that there isn't a link between poverty within the country and terrorism...that still leaves other options for why people become terrorists. you cannot conclude with one option just because another has been ruled out. there could be more than two options.
and he states that 60 percent of these terrorists he spoke with had gone to highschool while only 15% of the country does. that does not mean that they are well educated, especially since the teachers in many high schools teach extremism because they are given those jobs by fanatical extremist leaders and have to fufill their agendas.

AK does not prove, like you said bill, that terrorism is not an economic issue and is a religious issue, in fact he proves that it is an economic issue, just the reverse of what everyone has been claiming. he doesnt show that those homeless people and non high school graduates are less religious than those involved in terrorism, just that they probably dont get into the political realm all that frequently.

people in the middle east have been dealing with each other in violent ways for non religious issues forever...its just how they deal with things its not because their religion tells them to. its the way they were brought up, kind of like you and sesame street bill which is why you are such a tolerant man.

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