Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Sol Invictus

I like a good solstice as much as anyone. And in that spirit I shall toss back some eggnog to toast the victory of the sun god.


flymorgue2 said...

Though a true student of history could enjoy Christmas equally and retain his atheistic bon fides.

Anonymous said...

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Computadores said...

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RobK said...

I see from your blog and your troll post at Catholic Dads that you have still not opened up and asked God for faith. Why are you so closed minded? You are trying so hard to hate. It is sad really.

To understand faith - you must enter in. From the outside it looks like folly, but from the inside you understand. It is akin to looking at a stained glass window during the day. From the outside, it is merely a dark glass - nothing to behold at all. But inside, from the perspective of the one who created it, it is breathtaking in its beauty - but you can only see by entering.

I'm afraid you just don't get it, and never will if you stay where you stand.

I pray you can let go of whatever sin you are holding onto and open your mind and heart, so that you can enter and see.