Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Apres moi le deluge!" Greenspan on Bush

If you needed any more confirmation that Bush is not a conservative, and indeed has no comprehension of what the term conservative means, then the newly released book by Alan Greenspan should suffice. The New York Time has a synopsis.

When you run a party which has to appease intellectually dim religious fanatics with money to run programs that serve no purpose and indeed make us a more ignorant and backward country then there can't be an expectation of fiscal restraint. And much like the war in Iraq, when the Dems take office and we reap the consequences Bush will score a propaganda victory. And also much like the war Bush's attachement to ideology got in the way of sound decision making. He's the "Decider"... unfortunately. Rajiv Chandrasekeran's book on Iraq describes this in detail. Although he, and now probably Greenspan, must just be hysterical liberals because for them the family values agenda doesn't trump all.

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