Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Supporting Darfur makes me feel good... What are we supporting exactly?

A thought. I would like to know how many of the people who stage die-ins and attend art exhibits to raise awareness about Darfur also want us to withdraw from Iraq. After all we are in Iraq attempting to stop the very thing that is happening in Darfur, and it may be lost on them that if we withdraw the results will in fact be worse than the current Darfur crisis. Intervening in a civil war is apparently a good thing as long as we don't actually do it. That would entail putting people in harms way, and yes actually shooting and killing some of the Janjaweed, who undoubtedly if opposed by the US would be redesignated as "insurgents" or "native resistance" or "people fighting for self determination," which in this case includes the right to determine who to exterminate.

Every credible, sane, and qualified commentator I have read admits that withdrawal from Iraq would remove the last obstacle to a massive bloodletting. Why is it that this genocide doesn't merit opposition but the Darfur one does? I'm sure I needn't list possible reasons.

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