Monday, September 3, 2007

Republican Retreat from Reality

Mark Levin has a column at National Reveiw that epitomizes just about everything that is wrong on the American right. By the way, I know that National Review likes to have a bit of fun but what is a baseball capped talk radio buffoon like Levin doing writing in the same space as Bill Buckley? Levin links the Larry Craig scandal to just about every problem with American, and then blames liberals for it. The column is so fatuous and irrational I don't even know how to begin to discuss it but I will excerpt the last paragraph and ask a question.

There is indeed a culture of corruption, and it extends well beyond any single politician. It swirls around big government. It always has and it always will. It has become institutionalized in many ways. And that culture of corruption celebrates clever word games used by unelected judges to exercise power they don’t have as they rewrite the Constitution; it demeans people of faith who speak out against the culture of corruption and for — dare I say — family values; it undermines and seeks to demoralize Americans in uniform as they fight a horrible enemy on the battlefield; it demonizes entrepreneurs and successful enterprises; it uses race, age, religion, gender, and whatever works to balkanize Americans; and so on. This is the real culture of corruption. Let’s call it what it is — modern liberalism. And its impact on our society is far worse than the disorderly-conduct misdemeanor to which Larry Craig pled guilty and for which he has now resigned.

With reasoning like this what kind of thoughts would be beyond legitimacy? Is there anything that could conceivably happen which might make Levin evince even a semblance of self criticism. Are any of his beliefs at all open to doubt or evidentiary testing? When faced with the hypocrisy of his own party for which he is a shill, he simply excuses it and then hysterically blames liberalism for every wordly evil imaginable. Even in the space of one paragraph he feeds the persecution complex of the religious right and then blames liberals for balkanizing people base don religion. So apparently people of faith should never trust liberals but it is the lefties who are balkanizing people. This is a talk radio shriek in a published column. With this kind of reasoning, what exactly can't be blamed on liberals?

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