Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Age of Endarkenment

My quarrel with religion comes from a variety of angles. For one these dogmas balkanize humans into warring sects and a brief scan of their histories shows that the history of religion is that mostly of humanity's ignorance and misery. Also I also despise the religious way of thinking which allows that beliefs without evidence are somehow respectable. This type of wish thinking is much harder to eradicate in the human race and even in Europe as religious dogma loses significance a host of other pseudoscientific beliefs rise up in their place such as acupuncture, New Age therapies, homeopathic medicine, and holistic treatments (on which Seinfeld actually had a hilarious episode), and all other such vague "spirituality" which I have always thought were simply excuses for a lack of imagination and curiosity.

A pharmacologist from Britain comments on the rise of these phenomenon which are not only fraudulent and ineffective but corrupt our way of thinking and detract from real medicine and science. Our "tolerance" for these beliefs because of people's emotional attachement to them has pernicious effects.


flymorgue2 said...

You write:
"excuse for a lack of imagination and curiosity."

anti-religionism certainly 'focuses' your curiosity

"Our "tolerance" for these beliefs because of people's emotional attachement to them has pernicious effects."

Time to reduce our tolerance and perfectify these 'people' - I won't say fascist, but that thinking certainly creeps right in the front door of militant atheism.

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of. Dream on.

Bill said...

When I say decrease tolerance I don't mean create legal restrictions. I want a change in discourse not in law.