Monday, August 13, 2007

A moron with a great woman.

I will never forgive the Duth for how they treated Ayaan Hirsi Ali. When one of their own Parliamentarians was threatened by theocratic thugs they abandoned her and forced her to relocate because her criticism of the fanatical beliefs of the aforementioned theocratic fanatics conflicted with their suicidal attachement to multiculturalism. The inconvenient fact for the right-wingers that have adopted her is that she will echo her criique of Islam against all religions though with less venom.


flymorgue2 said...

Ayaan Hirsi Ali finds common cause with 'right-wingers' (i.e. conservatives) in the same way that militant atheists find common cause with Islamofascist, for whom 'Everything must be different.' Read on:

Bill said...

The link didn't work flymorgue but it is imcomprehensible to me how an atheist could find common cause with and Islamofascist. Anywya if you can get the link to me in a form where it won't be cut off plese do.

flymorgue2 said...

if that does not work, try searching for "The Left's Lust for Revolutionary Transformation By James Lewis"

and if you are in a clicking mood, try this over D'sousa:

again, if it doesn't work, search for "Atheist Tracts
God, they're predictable. by Harvey Mansfield "