Sunday, August 5, 2007

Silly, imagined double standards

are always a good way for the right wing blogosphere to find something to write about when they suffer from a lack of creativity. Harry at Squaring the Globe finds some small inconsistencies in the language used by the Boston Globe regarding articles on Episcopal Bishop Eugene Robinson's endorsement of Barack Obama and the Catholic Church's attempt to deny communion to pro-choice, Catholic politicians.

He apparently can't understand why an editorial may have license to use rather more tendentious language than a hard news story. But he goes on to try to goad the Globe into giving Robinson the same upbraiding that one of their editorial writers gave a Catholic Bishop in 2004. This is a bit of self pity. When a person thinks, as Catholics do, that they have some greater insight into the mind of the creator of the universe (what a claim!!!) I guess they would be upset when a newspaper fails to show total consistency of nasty meanness with editorials of two years ago. I guess any small affront would be so intolerable. I don't, however, think I am being overly churlish when I suggest that it is simply self pity, induced by the realization that not everyone thinks Catholicism is the same insight into the mind of the creator of the universe that he does.

Here's the post.

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