Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Why is it only secularists who can say this?

The civilization vs. mentality question is unimportant in my view. This woman was raised in the culture she condemns and epitomizes why we need to fight this war. Asking the question; "Why do they hate us?" should tell us not what we have to fix but what we have to preserve. It is the battle between the genuine article of a mentality that strives toward human happiness on one hand and one that would shackle it in the name of fantasy. That they hate us only makes me think better of us, and it is paramount that we not we not try to alter ourselves to please them. Yes they have specific complaints about our troops on Muslim holy lands (holy lands? what a joke) and other such things but this is the present incarnation of a struggle that has gone on for centuries and their hatred is symptomatic of a mentality that cannot tolerate the existence on equal terms of difference. That they hate us we should take as a sign that we have accomplished something good and in the face of that threat be more rigorous in saving what we have and not resorting to this.

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